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Tintin à Quebec

Tintinophilia and its allied science of Tintintology can almost seem like a cult sometime, with Moulinsart, the commercial wing of the Hergé Foundation, acting feverishly to quell any and all unauthorised outbreaks of Tintin resurrection. Their assiduity notwithstanding, Tintin pastiches are fairly common (though illegal) and vary in nature from respectful admiration to downright mockery. The Quebecois cartoonist Yves Rodier is one of the foremost pasticheurs of the famous Belgian boy reporter, and produced this cover (above) of a non-existant Tintin book set in the beautiful capital city of Canada’s French province.

While Tintin did visit Scotland in The Black Isle, I’d love to see a Tintin in Edinburgh book, and even more so Tintin in the Cape.

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28 Apr 2010 5:31 am

“I’d love to see a Tintin in Edinburgh book”

Ah yes, Tintin and the Stone of Destiny would have been a good one in that context.

Dave Cooper
30 Apr 2010 9:49 am

Andrew …

Funny you write about Tintin. I am not sure if you saw the recent reports about “Tintin au Congo” and the Belgian attempts at banning the edition. Some years ago I purchased a black and white copy of this edition in Brussels. After reading the news about banning, I did a quick check on Ebay … I did discern a blip in price expectations. But I am keeping mine!

Keep up the good sleuthing !

Dave Cooper

Dave Ahl
31 Jul 2013 8:49 pm

I have collected more than 1,000 Tintin covers — real, pastiche, parody, imitation, fake, and pirate on my web site ( There is information and photos of the artists as well. Also a contest to design a new Tintin fake cover. I think I have all the Flinflin covers; at least I hope so!

J’ai rassemblé plus de 1.000 couvertures Tintin – réel, pastiche, parodie, imitation, faux, et pirate sur mon site web ( Il ya des informations et des photos des artistes ainsi. Également un concours pour concevoir un nouveau faux couvercle Tintin.

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