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New Year, New Look

This new year brings a new look at, one I hope is simpler, cleaner, a little more crisp. Not really a total transformation, but an evolution (I hope). If, like PH, you read this site through a dreaded feed-reader, thus thwarting all the thought and energy that goes into web design, this will probably make no difference.

There are a few new links in the sidebar, and a few old links have been shed. At least one, though no longer active, is retained: Sign and Sight announced its farewell in 2012, but was always one of the most frequent stops upon Cusackian web perambulations and we simply cannot part with it.

Among the additions is the indescribable Italian periodical Il Covile. My Italian is rather poor, but I’m a firm believer in reading foreign things even if you don’t know the language. At least once a year I try and pick up a copy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine, even though my German’s worse than my Italian. (But knowing Afrikaans helps immensely with German).

And the little Twitter update line at the top is no more — whether anyone appreciated its existence is unknown to me — but tweeting continues aplenty at

Anyway, the new design is still ‘in development’ (as the Web-folk put it) so there is probably a little tweaking here and there yet to come. We are determined to write more and post more in 2013, but London life keeps one devilishly busy, and real life is infinitely more satisfying than the internet. Still, one must try.

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B T Van Nostrand
11 Jan 2013 7:24 pm

A definite improvement.
Can nothing be done about the ads?

Andrew Cusack
12 Jan 2013 12:19 am

Yes: the van Nostrand Family Foundation can write a big annual cheque payable to Yours Truly.

B T Van Nostrand
12 Jan 2013 2:40 pm

The Depression,old boy, the Depression (and i don’t mean the current one).

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