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They Will Bury Us!

But it will at least be a Christian burial

In 2003, the lamentable and vulgar government of Britain launched Beagle 2, part of the European Space Agency’s ‘Mars Express’ programme. It contained a pop song fragment by ‘Blur’ and an “artwork” by Damien Hirst to calibrate its cameras and spectrometers. The whole thing was a failure, contact with Beagle 2 being lost six days prior to its scheduled entry into the Martian atmosphere.

Whereas we sent dull pop music and bad art, the Russians have one-upped us again. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the first man in space, they’ve taken an icon of Our Lady of Kazan aboard the Soyuz TMA-24 mission.

(With apologies to Comrade First Secretary Krushchev for the paraphrased post title.)

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L Gaylord Clark
18 Nov 2011 9:22 pm

The idiotic Blair and his government of spivs built the Dome (who remembers it?) to celebrate the Millennium.
In Russia the government encouraged the rebuilding of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, which was dedicated in 2000. There, in the same year, the martyred Nicholas II and his family were canonised.
God will bless one of these methods of national renewal.

I wonder which?

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