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Meanwhile, in the Dominions

The University of St. Michael’s College in Toronto is, so far as I can ascertain, home to the only memorial ‘slype’ in the world, the Soldier’s Memorial Slype. Today being Remembrance Sunday, it was adorned with the old Canadian flags: the Union Jack, the Red Ensign, and the Air Force Ensign. (I can’t quite make out from the photograph whether it’s an RAF ensign or, more likely, an RCAF ensign).

The University of Toronto is, curiously, a university with constituent universities (such as St. Michael’s) within it, something which always confused me even though it’s an increasingly common phenomenon (such as with the National University of Ireland). At U of T, Trinity College (sorry, the University of Trinity College) is generally considered the most trad, but it’s nice to see St. Mike’s, a Catholic institution, being a bit old-school itself.

St. Michael’s College also boasts such illustrious alumni as Marshall McLuhan and Dino Marcantonio.

Source: RHM
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14 Nov 2011 2:20 pm

I do not think it qualifies as a slype, but Notre Dame has a memorial doorway or vestibule, including a lamp shade made from a chaplain’s helmet (scroll to bottom).

Seraphic Spouse
15 Nov 2011 4:04 pm

And me! I am an illustrious alumna of SMC! Humph humph! How can you not know that?

Richard Toporoski
22 Jun 2012 8:24 pm

It is indeed the R.C.A.F. Ensign, and the flag hidden in this photograph behind the Canadian Red Ensign is the White Ensign. I am edified and delighted to learn that this U.S.M.C. Remembrance Day custom continues.

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