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What a Sad, Sad Life to Lead

While innocently playing billiards in a friend’s basement towards the later years of my school days, I was inexplicably forced to endure the latter portion of an episode of the HBO television series “Sex and the City”. The show centers on four middle-aged women who refuse to settle down and lead reasonable, ordered lives but instead involve themselves in ever more flippant affairs and commit ever greater sins against their own dignity. It would be a welcome warning to women were it not for the obvious fact that the show’s intent is to glorify the sad, pitiable existence lived out by the four main characters.

The show originated from a column of the same name in the New York Observer, and after the success of the television series, a cinematic continuation was filmed, followed by a more recent sequel.

Brendan O’Neill, a liberal atheist if ever there was one, has written a superb commentary on the second “Sex and the City” film, claiming that this “execrable” movie “offers an accidentally fascinating insight into the crisis of American values”. Click here to read O’Neill thoughts on the film and its sad reflection of today’s America, and say a little prayer that no-one really leads lives as self-centered, sad, and just plain pitiable as the characters involved.

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Ian Marcus Corbin
8 Jun 2010 9:43 am

Ha! Errant indeed, Mr. Cusack. We are so thankful that you’ve advised us as to your position on Sex and the City. I do hope that you’ll continue to keep us abreast of your inclinations regarding other popular television shows and movies. Your public demands to know!

See you this week?


Seraphic Spouse
16 Jun 2010 3:28 pm

Now I have to see it, just for the scene when they all run away dressed in burqas. Thanks, Andrew!

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