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München: mees bewoonbare stad

Hoeveel kere het ek dit hoor sê? München, die Beierse hoofstad, is die mees bewoonbare stad in die wêreld volgens baie lyste deur talle mense saamgestel. Die meeste kenmerk hierdie status aan die unieke kombinasie van tradisie en moderniteit in die stad. Beiere het ’n balans getref, en die Beierse mense is baie trots op hul land — en tereg! Müncher weißwurst — bedien met mosterd en ’n krakeling — is my gunsteling wors. (Jammer, boerewors! Jou Duitse neef is tops.)

In elk geval, op die webtuis van Monocle tydskrif, Tyler Brûlé het ‘n blik op München en ondersoek waarom en ondersoek waarom het dit so ‘n goeie reputasie. Kliek hier om te kyk.

It is scandalous that in all my travels I’ve never been to any part of Germany, let alone Bavaria, considering how everyone raves about it unceasingly. Once I finally get myself to the other side of the pond permanently, it’s high up on the list of places to visit pronto (alongside the Netherlands and Finland). All in good time, all in good time…

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Dave Cooper
8 Jul 2010 2:38 pm

Andrew …

Ten years of searching ended today. I finally found what looks like German weissewurst in the Albert Heijn (Dutch supermarket). They call it “originele Duitse Braadworst”. Now I know it will be nothing to match the traditional weissewurst of Bavaria (I remember first encountering that on the U-Bahn in Munich after seeing the German commuters stopping for a sausage snack en route to work). I absolutely love German cuisine, and one would think living so close to Germany, I would with ease satiate my appetite for all things German. But you try and find a German restaurant in Amsterdam … you’d have better luck in any American town or city. This was such a find for me today that I took the liberty to temporarily use your above photo for my weekly Skype profile photo (I change my photo weekly).

Boerewors is boerewors though, and weissewurst is weissewurst … both have their place on my table!

All my decade of searching will be for niks though … come September, I will be living on the German frontier in Limburg and will be able to cycle to Germany to shop (everything is cheaper there anyway!)

Tchüss !

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