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Mexico Week

Over the course of this week our little corner of the web will feature a series of posts relating to Mexico, the great American nation which this year commemorates the two-hundredth anniversary of the beginning of its war of independence. That revolt was begun by a heretic priest, Miguel Hidalgo, under the influence of the contemptible ideas of “the Enlightenment”, but he nonetheless marched under the banner of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, who is venerated to this day as Queen of Mexico and Empress of the Americas. This curious rebel presaged so much of the history of Mexico: rebellion and devotion, religion and irreligion.

Our ‘Mexico Week’ is not intended to give any sanction to rebel priests or violent revolt against legitimate authority, but we instead aim to take this opportunity to display to readers some of the greatness of this brilliant yet troubled nation, oft forgotten due to its rather famous and prominent neighbour to the north.

Growing up in the United States, as I did, Mexico was (and still is) often written off as a place of drug killings and drunk American college students. But digging beneath the surface one easily discovers a Mexico rich in story. ‘Mexico Week’ will by no means be a comprehensive survey of the country, its history, and traditions, but rather a little cabinet of curiosities, a Mexican miscellany if you will.

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe,
ora pro nobis!
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Daniel Liebert
26 Oct 2010 10:23 pm

Enjoying your ‘Mexico Journey’ immensely. If anyone is near Davenport, Iowa you must make a pilgrimage to the Davenport Museum for the finest assemblage of Mexican Colonial religious paintings outside of Mexico itself. They have an all color book as well to be had on Amazon, “Treasures of Mexican Colonial Painting: The Davenport Museum of Art Collection.”

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