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Brothers Aboard the Ship of State

The Viscount Philippe de Villiers is an MEP, sometime French presidential candidate, and head of the Mouvement pour la France but his brother, General Pierre de Villiers, has just been named personal Chief of Staff to the President of the Republic (whose name we refrain from mentioning, lest we feel compelled to boo and hiss). Given this recent appointment, we reckon that General de Villiers outranks his brother in the grand apparatus of state; Chef d’etat-major particulier beats President of the General Council of the Vendée.

There is, however, at least one regard in which the civilian has his military brother beat: Pierre only has six children, Philippe has seven.

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3 Mar 2010 5:59 am

You are mistaken. Admiral Edouard Guillaud has been named Chief of Staff of the French armed forces (chef d’état-major des armées / CEMA).

Pierre de Villiers has been named personal Chief of Staff to the president of the Republic (chef d’état-major particulier du président de la République). He has been Chief of the military cabinet of the prime minister François Fillon (chef du cabinet militaire du Premier ministre) at Hôtel Matignon.

So maybe Philippe de Villiers still outranks his brother Pierre. Possibly, this will not last. All three previous CEMA occupied the post Pierre de Villiers now does.

Andrew Cusack
3 Mar 2010 9:54 am

Ah, thank you! Corrected accordingly. I apologise for my sloppy reading.

Edouard Petit
16 Mar 2010 2:00 pm

Phillipe de Villiers and Pierre are rare French personalities who kept a deep commitment to the idea of nation. They represent the France always … Not only the Republic, Vendee requires …

Thank you for this article!

A chouan !

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