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A Pro-Life Politico in Argentina

In the Sunday after-church tea-drinking circles of Manhattan, much thought and disputation was provoked by Damian Thompson’s recent revelation that the senator-elect from Florida, Mr. Marco Rubio, is in fact an evangelical Protestant despite his office claiming he is a Catholic. Word comes from Argentina about a member of parliament named Cynthia Hotton, a brazen defender of the right to life and solidarity with the unborn.

The head (and only MP) of the small ‘Values for my Country’ party, Ms. Hotton is attractive, media-savvy, and bold. My mind — laden with Argentine cynicism — adds those factors up and determines there is no way she can possibly be Catholic. A bit of research confirms the suspicion: her Facebook fan page lists her religious views as Cristiana Evangélica. Her political party’s emblem is a form of cross, a politicisation that — though certainly not without precedent — makes yours truly a little uncomfortable.

While Ms. Hotton’s Protestantism is not surprising, her constituency is: she was elected to the Chamber of Deputies from the City of Buenos Aires. What’s the deal with B.A. these days? It’s probably one of the most left-wing cities in the Hispanic world, and yet on its city council, the centre-right PRO has more than three times as many seats as the next largest party, the left-wing Proyecto Sur. I’m not complaining (far from it!), but just find it rather curious. Much of PRO’s success is likely thanks to the personal appeal of its leader, Mauricio Macri, the mayor of Buenos Aires.

Argentina is, in a very broad sense, against abortion, but like many widely held propositions in the country, this is effectively meaningless. After all, Argentines are very broadly for stability, transparency, and economic prosperity, and when was the last time they experienced all of those? Still, despite differences in religion, one wishes Ms. Hotton well in her campaign to uphold human dignity in the corridors of power.

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Aodhán O Fiacháin
25 Oct 2011 8:55 am

Well done Cynthia , keep it up . Come join us in Pro-Life. Strength in unity !
Kind regards,

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