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In a Westchester auction house

Saturday I popped in to have a friendly chat with Paterfamilias Gill, of which the usual topic of conversation is the decline of civilisation and the amusing side effects thereof. We had reached Afghanistan when Mrs. Gill eventually joined us, and, after showing me the latest addition to the Gill collection (a splendid maritime scene by William Edward Norton), Mr. Gill suggested an expedition to the auction house down a back alley in neighbouring Larchmont, and I happily agreed.

Above is a gilt bronze and patinated metal clock in the French style. I’m rather fond of the curvature of spherical clockfaces, and the serpentine hands are a nice detail as well. This clock would fit in at 15 East Ninety-sixth Street. Estimate of $800-$1,000.

I’ve never had a desk I’ve been satisfied with — they’ve always been modern contraptions — but I know I’d love this old desk. From a Long Island estate, this nineteenth century English desk can be taken apart in three pieces for ease of transport. Five feet wide, two feet four inches deep, three feet ten inches tall. Estimate of $100-$150.

Both of us liked this charming painting. Unsigned, oil on board, described as a “Hudson River twilight scene”, a nice small size of 3½ inches by 4¾ inches. Estimate of $100-$150, certainly worth more — it went for $300 at the actual auction.

This table, though, I was really fond of. Carved oak with a German inscription on the lower supporting beam and heraldic designs on either end. Bits of damage here and there from a life well lived, no doubt. It would look at home in the quarters of a Studentenverbindung (in which it would certainly acquire more damage), or perhaps topped with a haphazard pile of books, maps, and papers in the middle of a private library. Four feet five inches long, three feet five inches wide. Estimate $200-$300.

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5 Jul 2010 4:00 am

The prices are quite reasonable. Wonderful finds; did you indulge in a purchase?

valeria kondratiev
15 Jul 2010 5:18 pm

I’m amazed at the prices. I would have put in a bid for that table. I love that 16th century look. Fixed up just a little, it would fit right in at the Frick.

Peter G.
26 Jul 2010 4:18 pm

Andrew and I went back again on 7/24. I left a couple of modest bids.

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