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De Volkskrant

A FAVOURITE POSTER of mine combines a number of the things I love: newspapers, architecture, and the Netherlands. Arthur Goldsteen designed this handsome poster to advertise the daily newspaper De Volkskrant in 1950.

De Volkskrant, the “People’s Newspaper”, was founded in 1919 and was closely aligned with the Rooms-Katholieke Staatspartij (RKSP, Roman Catholic Political Party) and its successor the Katholieke Volkspartij (KVP, Catholic People’s Party). Below the nameplate is the paper’s proud slogan « Katholiek Dagblad voor Nederland » (Catholic Newspaper for the Netherlands). The tag line has long since been dropped. After the self-destruction of the Church in Holland, the Volskrant disassociated itself from Dutch Catholicism, and the Guardian columnist John Sutherland went so far as to call the paper “the Dutch Guardian“.

The upright edifices of Amsterdam frame the stack of newspapers that rises higher than the Westertoren.

The clean, clear typography was a much better choice than simply reproducing the particular font of the paper’s nameplate.

« Elke morgen meer abonné’s » — Each morning more subscribers. The use of the apostrophe to indicate a plural rather than possesion (at the end of a word that terminates in a vowel) is an interesting feature of Dutch & Afrikaans.

Simple, elegant: beautiful!

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5 May 2009 6:54 am

Do you know anything about the Argentine journal, SUR?

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