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“Foreign Correspondent”

This post was published on Thursday, October 29th, 2009 8:07 pm. It has been categorised under Cinema and been tagged under .
  1. B T Van Nostrand
    30 October 2009
    10:18 am

    Every photo a love letter from the past.

  2. Titus
    30 October 2009
    2:39 pm

    Excellent film, which I experienced for the first time thanks to Netflix just a few weeks ago. Vastly superior to my last movie therefrom, Ice Station Zebra, which was truly awful.

  3. Steve M
    31 October 2009
    2:57 pm

    I fell in love with this movie more than 40 years ago. A delight from start to finish. Although it particularly shines for the acting, the wonderful, book-length inverview of director Afred Hitchcock by Francois Truffaut reveals the complexity of many of the action scenes. Lead Joel McCrea never got that many big parts–catch him in “Ride the High Country” from 1962 for another treat.
    In that “Do you believe in large families?” note, I make it 11 children followed by three exclamation points–or are they triplets bringing up the rear?

  4. kd
    2 November 2009
    2:19 am

    Joel McCrea is one of my favorite actors! Yes, he’s superb in “Foreign Correspondent” as in “Ride the High Country” (his final film, a grand farewell, along with the great Randolph Scott). There’s also “Sullivan’s Travels” with a luminous Veronica Lake. Many consider it a masterpiece.

    Not to forget “Stars in My Crown” and the nearly unknown “Four Faces West” in which he stars with his real-life wife, Francis Dee. “Stranger on Horseback”, “The Palm Beach Story”, “The Great Moment” . . . Ah, the list goes on.

  5. kd
    2 November 2009
    2:21 am

    One more I must mention: “The Most Dangerous Game”

  6. 4 November 2009
    10:59 pm

    My favorite Hitchcock movie ever! Who could forget fforbes-Fitch? Or the wonderful scene in the windmills? Terrific stuff!

  7. 4 November 2009
    11:04 pm

    One more, kd: Raoul Walsh’s “Colorado Territory,” with McCrea as an outlaw holed up in an abandoned mission in the desert Southwest. It makes incredible use of the rocky landscape around Gallup, NM, and the photography is stunning B&W by Sid Hickox.

  8. kd
    5 November 2009
    5:21 pm

    You’re right Jacqueline, “Colorado Territory” is terrific! Thanks for the reminder. Guess I’ll add one more: Jacques Tourneur’s “Wichita” with Joel as Wyatt Erp.

    My favorite Hitch was also the master’s favorite: “Shadow of A Doubt” — his masterpiece of Americana. Recently I’ve been watching some of the early British films and find them quite wonderful: “The Lodger” “The Manxman” “Murder!’ “Rich and Strange” “The Ring” and “The Skin Game”

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