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«Metropolis» rediscovered

Fritz Lang’s «Metropolis» was one of the most groundbreaking films of the silent era, and so the news that scenes previously lost have been rediscovered is most welcome. While «Metropolis» is one of those films that is perhaps best appreciated if only viewed once, I certainly look forward to a restored version being released in the next few years.

Still, my favorite of Fritz Lang’s works remains the classic «M», a sound film released in 1931, a few years into the talkie era. Peter Lorre is at his best in the starring role, and of course with Lang at the helm, «M» is expertly shot. Those whistled notes from Peer Gynt are never the same again after seeing this film!

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15 Jul 2008 12:28 am


Like you, I look forward to seeing those lost scenes from Metropolis!

I’m a huge fan of the great Fritz Lang. You might be interested in The Testament of Dr Mabuse, his last film before fleeing Nazi Germany. The wonderful Criterion dvd includes some remarkable anecdotes by Lang.

Several other Lang films are available on dvd: Fury, You Only Live Once, Scarlet Street, Hangmen Also Die! and of course one of the best film noirs ever made, The Big Heat.

18 Jul 2008 11:36 am


What do you think of F.W. Murnau? Kino is coming out with a restored version of his film The Last Laugh in September.

18 Jul 2008 7:19 pm

I, for one, would certainly look forward to a restored version of The Last Laugh. A Kino edition already exists, & it’s not too bad — perhaps the new version will be as good as the recent restoration of Nosferatu. Now, for a restored Sunrise & Tabu!

Cheers for Silent Cinema!

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