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The Ark and the Dove

Yesterday, whilst plotting reaction deep within the Cellar Bar on Bell St, the subject of the Catholic landing in Maryland came up. The event took place on March 25, 1634, when the passengers of the Ark and the Dove disembarked upon the shores of Terra Mariae, held a Mass, and then hewed a Cross out of felled trees, raising it while saying the Litany of the Holy Cross.

Surely these three elements of Angledom, Catholicism, and America make March 25 a festival of the apex of civilization?

The Ark and the Dove were the subject of a rejected proposal for the Maryland state quarter.

Anyhow, descendants of the passengers of the Ark and the Dove might be interested in joining the Society of the Ark and the Dove, the insiginia of which can be seen below. (Image courtesy of the Hereditary Society Community).

This post was published on Tuesday, November 16th, 2004 6:35 pm. It has been categorised under Church History.
Mary Patricia Hilton Whitsitt
11 Oct 2006 11:26 pm

My father is a John Perry Hilton of Washington,D,C./MD.

His mom descends from Perry`s, such as Charles Carter Perry.

His dad is descended from many John Perry Hiltons, and other Perry people.

The Perry`s come from two distinct lines down to me.

I wish to know this genealogy history but struggling. If you know Nicholas Perrie`s descendents, I so ask you to let me know of that.

Thank you, MaryPatricia Hilton

22 Oct 2006 12:54 am

There are a few Pearre family members who descend from Sir George Calvert. I do not see any members who have used Nicholas Perry as their qualifying ancestor.He is shown as being from the Isle of Wight and served as the quartermaster of The Dove. I would very much like to know of any proof you may have that would link his family to his service on The Dove when it sailed on 22 November 1633.

Mary Patricia Hilton Whitsitt
11 Nov 2006 11:37 pm

I do not, as of now, have it all together, and again, the Perry`s are on dad`s mother`s side as well as his father`s side.

The furthest back Perry I have gotten to is Charles Perry, 1650, birthplace) Calvert, MD. His son was Joseph Perry, b)1675, Calvert, died 1716, Frederick, Md.

My family lived in Frederick almost all of the generations from then to fairly recently.

I am working now to find Charles Perry`s wife, and his parents. Can you help me with that? So close….

Thank you for noticing the above. p

Mary Patricia Hilton
11 Nov 2006 11:54 pm

Btw, if any one has further info on this Charles Perry, 1650, Calvert, MD, please e-mail me at Thank you.

Mary Patricia Hilton Whitsitt
12 Nov 2006 6:19 pm

Also, notably, I have seen – is it “Commander” Matthew Perry also named as Commander Matthew Rowe. Do I have this correct?

I speak to a cousin of mine almost every day on the computer, her birth name is Ruth Rowe.

Is it possible that he was a Perry, his wife a Rowe? p

14 Nov 2006 11:47 pm

I am sorry, I simply do not have any information on this family. I have looked through my books and have come up empty-handed.
Western Maryland families are not included in my library. I can put you in touch with our genealogists who may be able to help you for a fee.

Amy Pearre
13 Mar 2007 7:21 pm

I am searching for the Pearre line. My ancestors that I know of are…
Ron – father
James Aubrey – grand father
George Edward – G. Grand
and this is where it gets sketchy. I believe that this George is the George born to Charles R. Pearre and Mary P. Ansley. If so then I have my line back to James Pearre (written Perrie on a MD land deed in the early 1700’s) If it is not the same George then I am back to square one. This is the line as I have it James & Mary > Alexander & Sarah > Joshua & Milly > Charles & Mary > George & Ivy > James A. & Emily > Ronald & Linda > Me.

If anyone can help me out with this I would love it.


Matt Pearre
22 Aug 2007 4:36 pm

My name is Matthew Aleck Pearre and my father is Mack Andrew Pearre, born Sept. 25th 1943 in Los Angeles. His father was William Pearre of Win Parrish, LA.

I am just beginning to discover my family lineage and would love some assistance. All I know at this time is that my grandfater, William, migrated to Los Angeles from Winn Parish back in the 1940’s and, from what I understand, changed the pronunciation of his last name from Pearre (Perry), to Pearre (Pierre, french).

For the longest time I thought my father was creole because of where my grandfather came from, but now I am not so sure.

I eagerly await and look forward to any information or guidence on how to track my heritage.

Thank You,
Matthew Aleck Pearre

Mary Patricia Hilton
22 Apr 2011 2:16 am

Closer! Still some holes:

Starting with my grandmother,

Mary Ernestine Hayden,
her mom, Ophelia Roberta Perry and dad, Albert Ernest Hayden;
parents, Charles Carter Perry, 1824, & Eliz. F. Lloyd;
parents, Robert Perry 1795, & Unknown;
parents, Robert Perry, 1770, & Eliz. Carter Radcliff;
parents, Thomas Perry, 1728, and Unknown;
parents, John Perry, 1702, and Rebecca Dunnington;
parents, John Perry, 1672, and Eliz. Dawson;
parents, Thomas Perry, 1650, and Mary Williams;
parents, Nicholas Perry and Eliz. Hutton.

Any corrections/additions would be greatly appreciated! Also, as my tree contains other passengers of the Ark & Dove, I do not think it much of a leap to suppose my Nicholas also to be one of them. Hope this helps others, as well. Patricia

Mary Patricia Hilton
1 May 2011 5:05 pm

Matt: Check out James Marcy Pearre who was born in Scotland, married Mary Thomson, and died in Prince George’s Co., MD, 1762/1764.

Mary Patricia Hilton
28 Feb 2012 6:37 pm

Today I would like to finally stake my claim as a true descendant of Nicholas Perrie, “helper on the Dove”. As it turns out, ALL of the Perry/Perrie family in Maryland, inc. those in Frederick Co., Prince George’s Co., Calvert and Charles Counties, descend from Nicholas, other than from the two daughters of Capt. Henry Perry, son of William Perry and Isabella Smyth Pace. Though many places on the web say that Peter Perry, brother of Micajah and of the Virginia House of Burgesses, also left descendants in Charles Co., MD, I have found that to be untrue, though I would be only too glad if you could show me otherwise. Peter’s son, it seems, was also Peter, born in 1693 and who died in Dinwiddie Co., VA, in 1761. This Peter, Jr., had a son Thomas, born in Granville, NC, and his son was Booth Perry, born in 1736 in Dinwiddie Co., VA, and who died in 1784 in Orange Co., NC. It is from Nicholas Perrie (Perry) from whom I descend, twice as it turns out, from the John Perry Hilton side and from my grandmother’s side tracking from Charles Carter Perry. Though the records on my Hilton are too scant to show which of the Perry women my ancestor married, logically it would seem her to be Mary Perrie, born in 1716, daughter of Maj. Samuel Perrie, spelled “Perrie” on rootsweb, and who is actually Samuel Perry, born in 1689 in Charles Co., MD, son of Thomas Perry, 1650, and Mary Williams, 1650. My Hilton’s are all from St. Mary’s Co., MD, and later of Frederick Co., MD. In applying for admittance to the Society of the Ark and the Dove, I will tell you that the Nicholas Perry in the above genealogical line I have previous sent you is one and same person as Nicholas Perry, “helper…” and that records of him can be found on Rootsweb, World Connect, mostly stating his birth date as 1630 but not only… there is also a record of Nicholas Perry, spouse of Elizabeth Hutton, as born in 1615. Nicholas Perry’s actual birthdate is 15 May 1619 & he was born in Zennor, Cornwall, England. Nicholas died about 1660 in Charles Co., MD. His father was Daniel Perry, born 11 Feb 1598 in Strawbridge, Hertfordshire, England, and his mother was Jennett Michell. Daniel also married Elizabeth Rogers. Please do contact me and let me know if you find this Perry genealogy in correct order and if the Society of the Ark and Dove will accept. Thank you, Mary Patricia Hilton Whitsitt

Mary Patricia Hilton
29 Feb 2012 2:04 am

P.S. Actually, I am saying that all of the Perry’s in Maryland are descended from Nicholas Perrie of the Dove. Some, like Mary Perrie and her father Samuel Perry show the spelling of the name to be Perrie. I grew up with a photo of Charles Carter Perry in our home. The only Perry in Maryland that married into the Carter family in our line is Robert, 1770, Charles Co. Of his two wives, Elizabeth Jackson and Elizabeth Carter Ratliff…. a freebie. The rest of the line is well-known and documented on Rootsweb until one comes to Nicholas whose records are rather fuzzy for whatever reason. However, everyone knows good and well that Nicholas Perrie (Perry) arrived aboard the Dove. I do hope this will suffice. mphw

Mary Patricia Hilton
1 Mar 2012 5:27 pm

Charles Carter Perry and Elizabeth Frances Lloyd are documented in the book “Lloyds of Southern Maryland”. mphw

Mary Patricia Hilton
3 Mar 2012 4:15 am

Had all but forgotten: The Lloyds of Southern Maryland shows my mom and dad, all of us children, and on back to Charles Carter Perry and Elizabeth Frances Lloyd.

As well, I have completed the entire Dr. John Briscoe line, though it seems no one actually is certain whether he made the Ark & Dove trip, even though his letter of invitation can be read online by all. Anyone? mphw

Mary Patricia Hilton
7 Apr 2012 3:20 pm



Mary Patricia Hilton

John Perry Hilton, 1926, Wash, D.C.
Mary Frances Juenemann, 1928, Wash, D.C.

Wm. Phillip Hilton, Sr., 1897, Chas. Co., MD
Mary Ernestine Hayden, 1897, MD

A. Ernest Hayden, Chas. Co., MD
Ophelia Roberta Perry, 1862, d) 1950, Hyattsville, MD

Charles Carter Perry, 1824, VA
Elizabeth Frances Lloyd, 1833, MD

Minchin Lloyd, Jr., 1801, Durham Parish, Chas. Co., MD
Elizabeth Wheeler, 1801, Baltimore, MD

Minchin Lloyd, Sr.
Sarah Gardiner, 1770, married 1799.
(see census records pgs 20, 21, and more in The Lloyds
of Southern Maryland, by Daniel B. Lloyd. Sarah’s 1st
husband was John Delozier, 1760, MD.)

John Gardiner, 1746, Port Tobacco, Chas. Co., MD
Ann Manning, 1746, Port Tobacco, Chas. Co., MD

William Gardiner (Gardner/Garner), 1722, MD
Jane Speake, MD

Joseph Gardiner, 1698, Chas. Co., MD
Martha SAUNDERS, 1712, Chas. Co., MD

John “Mattawoman” SAUNDERS, 1684, Chas. Co., MD
Eliz. Philpott, 1688, Wm & Mary Parish, Chas. Co., MD

Matthew SAUNDERS, 1647

John SAUNDERS, 1614, England, Passenger of the A & D

Mary Patricia Hilton
11 Apr 2012 7:09 am


Mary Patricia Hilton

John Perry Hilton, 1926, Wash., D.C.
Mary Frances Juenemann, 1928, Wash., D.C.

William Phillip Hilton, Sr., 1897, Chas. Co., MD
Mary Ernestine Hayden, 1897, Wash., D.C.

John Perry Hilton, 1870, Wash., D.C.
Clara A. Sullivan

Carberry Summerfield Hilton, 1849, Wash., D.C.
Lucy Cady, 1850, MD (sp 2: Mary Barnes, 1849, MD)

John Perry Hilton, 1814, Wash, D.C.
Elizabeth Frances Rowzee, 1817, VA

Reuben W. Rowzee, 1782, Loudoun Co., VA
Rebecca Silver, 1786, Loudoun Co., VA

Reuben W. Rowzee, 1746, Essex Co., VA
Frances ‘Franky’ Thomas

Edward Tomlin Rowzee, Essex Co., VA
Mary Noel Pierce, VA

Ralph Rowzee, Old Rappahannock, VA
Rebecca Tomlin, No. Farnham Parish, Old Rappahannock

Ralph Rowzee, 1626, Canterbury, Kent, ENG
Margaret Gaines, 1635, ENG

Cpt. Daniel Gaines, 1614, Jamestown, VA
Margaret Bernard, 1618, ENG

***THOMAS GAINES, 1584, Aberbran, Brecon, Wales; A & D
Blanche Kemis, 1590, Aberbran, Brecon, Wales

***JOHN GAINES, 1559, Aberbran, Brecon, Wales; A & D, gunner aboard the Dove.

Mary Patricia Hilton
23 Apr 2012 8:36 pm

Thomas Perry between the two Peter Perrys, I do not really do them and haven’t much research. Otherwise, I believe my own lines are clean and have further A & D ancestors if you’d like them.

Mary Patricia Hilton
30 Jun 2012 5:43 pm

Ah! Correction: Carberry Somerville Hilton.

Jim Brown
19 Sep 2012 5:01 am

William Browne age 13 at the time was on “The Ark of London”. My 10th Great Grandfather! Love you Granpa William!
Jim Brown, Morrison, IL

Mary Patricia Hilton
10 Feb 2013 6:43 pm

Correction: Ralph Rowzee, Jr. married both Rebecca Tomlin and Margaret Gaines. The above HiHilton line is descended from Rebecca Tomlin, ergo, I lose that A&D connection. Will post others eventually.

Barbara Kinney Orleck
28 Feb 2013 3:51 am

I noticed you responded to a Matthew Pearre regarding James Marcy Pearre. James Marcy Pearre is in my line, Nancy Pearre married Peter Arnold. If you would be so kind as to provide his e-mail or send him an e-mail asking him to contact me, I would appreciate it. Barbara Kinney Orleck

Mary Patricia Hilton
15 Mar 2013 4:31 am

Gerrards, Calvets…
Everything I have now posted at mph

Paula Carazo
19 Nov 2013 10:01 pm

A good source to find out about Dr. John Briscoe’s family is the Society of the Ark and Dove genealogy (2005) book on available on Amazon. They were finally able to prove there was a Dr. John Briscoe on the voyage, who were his descendants and where he hailed from. Good luck!

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