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South Africa in the Old Days

This historical film about the early days of the Cape was probably produced for the van Riebeeck tercentenary festival of 1952.

The clip here covers the days of Governor Willem Adriaan van der Stel, depicting them as carefree days of harmony and merriment in South Africa – in contrast to Europe where war and persecution reigned. Doubtless this was how the apartheid government sought to portray South Africa at the time: a haven of peace and prosperity in contrast to a Europe still recovering from war, with half the continent now under the Soviet boot.

Simplistic propaganda of course, but the film conveys a certain charm regardless, as does almost every depiction of the Cape before the British. The sight of geese flocking before an old Cape Dutch homestead (circa 7:00) never fails to touch the Cusackian heart…

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Dave Cooper
7 Apr 2017 11:05 am

Cusack …

That’s the tune from « Jan Pierewiet » (start at 2:34 in the video). As kiddies growing up in South Africa and The Rhodesias, we all learnt this song.

Jan Pierewiet
Jan Pierewiet
Jan Pierewiet staan stil
Jan Pierewiet
Jan Pierewiet
Jan Pierewiet staan stil

Goeiemôre, my vrou
Hier’s ‘n soentjie vir jou
Goeiemôre, my man
Daar is koffie in die kan

Thanks for posting this — especially germane after I just visited the « Goede Hoop » exhibition at the Rijksmuseum up in Amsterdam. And also viewed Hans Goedkoop’s similarily entitled NPO 2 TV documentary.

Avdb …

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