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Roma – Caput Mundi

Well I’ve finally got around to putting up my report of our pilgrimage to Rome in March, with a plethora of accompanying photographs. It was an amazing time; Easter excepted, it was the jewel in the crown of our penetential season. Read about it all here.

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10 May 2006 7:20 pm

This really is an enjoyable and beautiful travelogue you’ve put together, Andrew.

I have been to Rome several times –the last time was ten years ago– and I have to tell you that I, personally, think it is much more beautiful than Buenos Aires.

I was going to ask you what you thought of that first glimpse of St Peter’s when you turn to head up the Via della Conciliazione. You had the same impression I had –and have every time I’ve gone to Rome. It really takes one’s breath away.

I have to say that I find Italians to be the friendliest people on the continent. And Rome to be…well, beyond all description.

Your magnificent pictures and commentary have brought it all back in a very intoxicating way. Bravo!

Chris M
12 May 2006 3:31 pm

Thank you so much for the excellent entry, Andrew. What a joy it must have been to attend a FSSP mass in Rome and conduct the pilgrimage. The Italian Guards on the top of the page remind me alot of the Palatine Guards which were unfortunatly abolished, along with the Noble Guards during the reign of Paul VI. Also nice to see that your accompanying priest was wearing his full cassock. I wish more American priests would do likewise. I am also pleased to see that you too enjoyed Cafe St. Eustachio, its an excellent little place. Did you get a chance though to see Santa Maria en Trestevare? It’s one of my favorite churches in Rome, and the mosaics in there are incredible. There is a statue of St. Anthony in there that is covered in little prayer tags and flowers. That church is actually said to be one of the oldest in Rome.

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